November 1, 2011
By Anonymous

He’s only Super in the form of super ignorance.
He’s only Unbelievable when he can’t see the girls staring at him.
He’s only Phenomenal since he’s the most unpredictable boy in the school.
He’s only Extraordinary when he says the most insensitive things.
He’s only Righteous when he knows he did something really wrong.
He’s only Man in the way that he has a low voice.
He’s only Amazing when he says the dumbest and cruelest thing in the world about people.
He’s only Nice when he wants something.
He’s only Strong in his will power.
He’s only Upstanding in his character.
He’s only Pleasant in his smile.
He’s only Exciting when he’s gently correcting a teacher.
He’s only Random when he throws out a careless compliment in your direction.
He’s only Mysterious when he seems to notice my presence.
He’s only Adorable when he stares off in thought.
He’s only Neat with his school work.

He’s not Superman, so why am I so hopelessly in love with him?

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