Who am I?

November 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Who am I?

I'm a balloon, rising into the sky, losing sight of earth,
I’m a cloud, crying out rain, covering the sun,
I’m the sun, smiling in the day, sharing the sky,
I’m the moon, shining on the water, always evolving at night,
I’m a bird, soaring overhead, observing from above,
I’m a star, long ways away, listening to your wishes,
I’m a raindrop, cascading down your window, reminding you of tears,
I’m a thunderbolt, causing fear or admiration, paired with lightning.

I’m a kid, growing up, finding my place,
I’m a lover, spreading hope, giving hugs away,
I’m a fighter, risking everything to succeed, hurting people in my path,
I’m a learner, listening to my mentors, reaching for perfection,
I’m a teacher, showing my skills, working to stay humble,
I’m a sinner, having a fair share of mistakes, striving to be better,
I’m a helper, assisting others, trying to meet their needs,
I’m a believer, trusting God, knowing he cares.

I. am. me.

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