That Unforgiven Girl

November 5, 2011
By cocobutter SILVER, Salt Lake, Utah
cocobutter SILVER, Salt Lake, Utah
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The girl’s soles hit the pavement
With force.
I heard it hit the walls
And bounce back
Into the face that loved her so much.

I watched the sweat shirt
Flutter behind her.
Till it disappeared behind
The edge of the alley.

The minute she disappeared,
Her name was wiped
From my heart,
The way her eyes looked at me
Was ripped from my mind.

She’s gone. Out off here
The good times we had together
Are now forgotten
As the rage inside my heart
Begins to show.

That stupid bang
As her soles hit the pavement
Echoes through my mind
And as my mind slides into oblivion,
The rage consumes my body.

I’m glad she’s gone,
And if she ever chooses
To return.
She will regret it.

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