Fair-Weather Friend

October 7, 2011
By xXBrokenXx GOLD, Rowlett, Texas
xXBrokenXx GOLD, Rowlett, Texas
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The heart shall break... But broken live on.

You truly were a fair-weather friend,

Since the beginning it was meant to end.

It should've been a sign when you came so quickly,

A sign screaming that you would leave me.

I waited for you, laying on the ground,

And as I awaited, there I was found.

I fought and screamed as he tried to get me,

For he was once a bitter enemy.

Bit it wasn't long until I finally gave up,

And fell to the silence, I kept my mouth shut.

But I can't help wondering what I did wrong,

Why would you leave me after so long?

You never left me before,

So why now when I need you more?

Maybe you leaving is for the best,

Now I do nothing but hurt and rest.

So farewell to the relation meant to end,

I have come to truly hate my fair-weather friend.

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