I Love You

October 6, 2011
Today I cried another tear,

To add to my collection,

My collection of reasons not to try,

Not to wake up in the morning,

When the sun is birght,

I find ive come to prefer the night,

For i'm blind to all that you do,

You hurt me but,

I know you don't mean to,

So I forgive you, my love,

Again and again.

But you can't see,

Its tearing me apart,

All that you do to me,Every day i'm killed a little more,

And you can't even see it,

Even when it's right in front of you,

Not because you don't look,

But because i'm so good at hiding these wounds,

These scars that cross my heart,

They're invisible until you delve deep,

Then you can see,

Im not really so secure,

Not really so sure,

That this will all end up alright,

Like you promised that night,

When I promised I would never give up,

Never stop wanting your love.

But i'm running out of time,

As the years pass by,

My hope tries to die,

That light inside,

It fades with all the darkness it must endure,

For all that you put me through,

And all these hardships I endure,

I still can't stop and never will,

I promised you and I won't break it,

Even though you break my heart daily,

I will never forsake you,

Everytime I try I live in misery,

And if you died I would die too,

Ive said it a million times,

But I will say it once more,

I love you.

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