dear mom

September 25, 2011
You are gone but I am still here
I cant turn back the clock to when your heart was still beating
But I can promise you this
I will miss you
I will always love you
I will see your face when ever I come across a piece of you clothing
I will never forget to dream as you once did
I will hear your laugh in the waves
I will hear your cries when I cry
I will see your smile shine in the stars
I will always wish upon my falling eye lashes
I will never say I cant
I will be strong enough to say no
I will forever remember the lessons you taught me
I will never take any moment we had for granted
I will take life on and win
I will live each day with pride
I will live this life for you
I will not resent my family
I will not let my words go unwritten
Mom I will
For you..
I will

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