Drink To This

November 5, 2011
By JjustMary SILVER, Fairfield, Pennsylvania
JjustMary SILVER, Fairfield, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Respect is being all you can be,
Even if it's "just me".
All you have to be is you,
That's all you really have to do. - Me

Drink to this, friends,
Where the truth surely bends.
Drink to the liars,
& the perfect friars.

Cry for this, everyone,
Where the devil has won.
All hope is forever lost,
It's your soul that it will cost.

Fight against this, enemies,
& gossip of all your blasphemies.
You'll surely win, I swear.
Face you; none of us will dare.

Drown in this, allies,
This darkness without fireflies.
No light to guide us out,
No road, no path, no route.

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