Sometimes It Hits You

November 11, 2011
Like a tidal wave
That hurt that you thought was gone forever
But its not ever totally gone
Once you love someone
And they break your heart
That pain will always be there some where
You may not feel it for months or even years
But one day when your all alone
With your eyes closed and thinking about nothing
It hits you
Those memories pour through your mind
You cant stop it
You cant help it
Again you feel so alone
Again you feel so helpless
They dont know how you feel
They may never know the scars they left for you
Or the pieces you will forever be picking up
When you fall apart once again
Everyone thinks you have moved on
But truth is you still have hope deep down in your heart
Deep down you still ache for what you once had
You still wish that he or her was by your side
No one cant tell you that once you have loved someone you will stop loving them
Thats a lie a piece of your heart
Will forever be theirs
No matter how hard you try to take it back
No matter how hard you try to forget
It will always be there looming in your past
In your memory
And most of all it will loom in your heart
A piece forever missing because its with them
They may never realize that it with them
They may never know that no matter what someone loves them still
But its true

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