Bullied Way To Much

November 10, 2011
Sitting here in a chair
loving the moister in the air
In the most boring class
wishing i had a glass
the noise kids
i wish we could close there lids
here with a head ache
i wish i had a back ache
being so lonely
I wish someone could show me
how we get by
i wish I would DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(just kidding)

I wrote this because this came from a girl that got bullied for a long time and she ended up getting bullied and she killed herself because it was so bad she couldn't take it anymore. She was only 13 years old and she lived in Connecticut and no one that she died until a three days later.

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Rikki-Lynn said...
Dec. 1, 2011 at 12:30 pm

this is my favorite one of all


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