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As he enters the room my heart soars.
Its feels as though with each pulse it may burst.
Nothing can restrict me from flying
Once I gaze into his eyes,
Which venture deeper than the sea.
Words cascade gently from his lips,
Like a peaceful waterfall on a warm summer’s day.
Oh how I am mesmerized by the way each word caresses his puckered lips.
But the words go unheard by my ears,
For I am deeply stricken with love.
Every move he makes is graceful,
And with each movement my heart begins to pound faster.
He moves closer and my heart grows closer to a heart attack.
Each feature of his face seems as though it was constructed by the Gods.
With only feet left between us I nearly faint.
How much more can a poor girls heart sustain,
His presence is what cures my very own disdain.
Nothing in the world could possibly enhance this moment.
Face to face I can smell his sweet breath,
Though still separated by inches.
Here he comes, in a moment that will define my life.
Only a few steps before our tender lips are fated to meet,
And then….
He turns away
Leaving my broken heart and soul lying in the dust.

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