November 3, 2011
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sometimes i wish you would just take the hand
that i am holding out to you
cause i feel like im stuck in a dark
room with you and if we could only
connect then hey
we could make the electricity we need to
turn on this lightbulb that just wont turn on
without us, like an idea
that wont come until you already know
what it is you are trying to look for.
and maybe that’s the issue.
what are we looking for, really
besides a quick fix to our problems
and someone to help us through the darkness.
but trying to find someone to help you through
is hard when you don’t even know
what it is you are trying to get
so you know what?
but no thanks.
ill come back later, but for now im
on my own
and I don’t need you or your hand or your electricity
to light up my world
to light up this room.
i think ill just go and look for the lightswitch.

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