The Depressed One Always Gets All the Attention

November 3, 2011
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But what nobody
Seems to understand
Is that someone was there,
Sitting in hallways,
As impatient teachers
Demanded us into class,
Finally using that endless supply
Of cheer and optimism,
Bolstering up a confidence
That is completely broken.

Someone was there,
Keeping secrets,
Because nobody knew
The first time around either.

Someone was there,
Teaching logic to a girl
Who has a new set of rules.
Depressiontown has its own laws.
1. Things will not get better.
2. Never have, never will.
3. No one can help me.
4. I am alone.

Try teaching sanity
To a girl to whom
Every syllable pronounces
The end of her world.

Someone was there,
Crying with the effort
Of holding up a girl
Whose legs are broken.

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