November 3, 2011
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I was the world, with green eyes.
You were an addict too far gone.
You had gotten lost so many times before.
In the pills doctors said would ease the pain.
In a place you had long called home.
A place you didn’t want, but you couldn’t live without.
A place you tried to rid yourself of so many times before.
A place that you said was never worth the dirt under your boots.
But those nights of tile walls and reflections of a tablet made man,
Seemed a lot more important than the world you left fatherless.
You had gotten lost too many times before.
Nothing, not even your world could help you.
Now you are lost forever.
I’m a stranger to you, just as you are to me.
All you are now is a name written in stone.
And some rotting 46 year old bones.
And I will forever be a bastard son of the earth born out of wedlock.
I am an illegitimate child of a breed cast out.
I am the filth of the world, born on the wrong side of the blanket.
I am a lower division of offspring judged below every peering eye.
I am a bastard forever disowned.
But I would never blame you.

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