November 3, 2011
By jakewinkles SILVER, Rainsville, Alabama
jakewinkles SILVER, Rainsville, Alabama
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"Don't try" - Charles Bukowski

With you in a twin sized guest bed
I’m still so hazy minded
Still so alone
Telling you how much you mean
How I want you to stay
The importance of you to me
Only me
Conversation slows
All comes to a halt
Our bodies begin to play their parts as they were intended to
A cold November night
In a metal shack
No heat
Just our bodies
No electricity
Just the moonlight
Sheets over the window
Sheets over our boiling blood
Nothing is stopping our curiosity tonight
Locked doors
No one cares
No matter how high I am, my mind wonders nowhere else tonight
No matter how sorry I know I’ll be, nothing has ever felt so right
I strip away every last inch of your insecurities
Mine follow suit soon enough
Yet, they’re still all so very present
My mind is blank
My heart is sprinting
You guide me through
We lay in this unknown bed
Becoming something we will never be
You’re sleeping away every last twitch and turn
I can’t help but ponder
I don’t even feel like me
I can hardly even see
Outside, the frost prevents contact on this broken window sill
I sit and think of what we’ve done
Staring at pictures on the wall
On a shelf, of people I’ve never met
Staring at our insecurities
Scattered all along the floor
I feel the weight of a thousand thoughts
Resting in my mind
And at my side
I lay beside you
Keeping you warm
All alone
I lay beside you
With myself and no one else
All alone

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