Day 37

November 3, 2011
By MonteGallo BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
MonteGallo BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
If I cannot find a way, I'll make one.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time
To where I could change the past
To make my future more beneficiary
The anguish I caused, the tears I saw
Running not only down my face
But of also those I saw most dear to me
Penetrated my being in several ways
I wish to fix everything
To choose the best option I could have
But what’s the point in going back to improve things
If I lose wisdom and experience in the process?
Yes the present would be so much more tolerable
But it was His hands that caused the event to go this way
And my own, so I guess it was destiny
Or merely fate
However, no matter how things go now
I will always climb the mountain
Desiring to go higher and higher
And yet I will never reach the top of it
Because then my experience
As well as my wisdom
Would stop growing

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