A Dark Place

November 3, 2011
Standing in a circle, girded within a white room
I swallowed what was left, and rebirthed from this womb
I blanked, forgot where I was, hoping my thoughts would come down soon.
I was scared, running, the images were taunting, started to swoon.
Their faces flashed like broken screens,
I screamed-
All I could make out were the laughs and light beams
of torturous light, and ivory couches that protected my fear
Cause I swear! They moved! Im Alice, breaking light on a twisted deer.
I collapsed to the floor, cried to take it away, no more.
And nobody cared, pretended I wasn't there,
Trying to to stare-
When Id pour out my addiction out for everyone to judge
They scanned me for tears, those looks were too much
In a wonderland of lies, not looking for a way out
But I still cringe later, hearing what comes out of my mouth.

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