What I miss the most

November 3, 2011
By Theend12345 BRONZE, Congers, New York
Theend12345 BRONZE, Congers, New York
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I miss the idea of us
Not us as in like we’re together 
But us as in like friends forever
Not say I wouldn’t like for us
To get together
It’s just that
Whenever I look at you
I get an empty stare
No emotion 
No feeling
Like no ones in there
In your mind
Or is it just to the object of me
You subject you’re self to that
But if that is the case 
I know where you’re at

I miss the idea of two
This growing idea
Of me and you 
That the bible was never wrong
That we do twine and become one 
But it’s like I never knew 
You all along
Everyone’s like tell her
Tell her
Tell her
But I know when the time is right
You will know

I miss the idea of you
The missing piece to the puzzle 
I built 
Lost a couple pieces 
But I tried to rebuild 
Got some cardboard and paint
Made some new pieces 
But one of them never seemed to fit
As in like, you never seemed to fit 

But most of all, I miss the idea of me
That I can never see myself 
As just me 
Only envisioning the life of ‘we’
Always better if I let you be
Maybe you will see 
That possibly 
This world maybe big enough for the both of us
But I lose my singular self
For you 
That’s what I miss the most
But I’ll miss all of these things over again 
If it’ll keep the idea alive 
In the life of me, I will never understand you 
But I do miss you
I hope we can share fears
And hope we can share tears 
In That I wanna be there for you 
But I can’t 
Because humanity 
Has made me weak 
That in my verboseness 
I can’t speak 
My words are there but 
They are void 
Because the goals I set 
I can’t reach 
The standard of living 
Is a living standard 
Constantly being changed 
And being mishandled 
To the point  where I can't 
Talk without blundering 
And think without wondering 
Whether is you or I 
I choose to side 
Do I side with myself 
For diginty 
Or you For compainish 
And since when did it become 
A decision of atributes 
Why isn’t it easy 
Just to walk up to you and say 
Hey, please love me and make my day 
But the story almost always never ends up that way 
Trying to dodge the bullets of life 
With out the vests of love 
Is like using a butterfly net to catch a dove And it amazing 
Like when I choose to ryhme in my poetry You come to mind 
And I care 
And I love 
And I move 
Like love does 
But to say that you should too 
Is force of just because 
And because I can do it 
Doesn’t mean that you should to 
And I know I need you here 
Though you don’t seem to care 
Though you heart maybe closed to me 
I’m glad you opened up ur ears

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