A Sweet Embrace

November 3, 2011
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The sweet tender embrace
Pours over my face and body,
Making my soul quiver
At the thought of this very thing

The careful touch overwhelms me,
I lose all sight of the world,
Of life, of reality.
My feelings crowd to the spot
Where it sweetly presses me.

I lose all feeling,
I go numb and limp.
My blood comes to a
Slow simmer as
I see and feel what's happening.

I lose all my thoughts.
The only thing on my
Mind is this sweet taste,
This gentle haste,
This careful movement
Of mind to soul.

The feeling of consciousness
Rushes to the surface if my being.
It bursts out in this
Sweet form of expression.

The feeling of entanglement;
Entanglement of being,
Entanglement of soul,
Entanglement of an ancient wisdom.
The reincarnation of freedom,
Of form, of life and love.
The freedom of peace.

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