November 2, 2011
By ashtenbriann BRONZE, Chickamauga, Georgia
ashtenbriann BRONZE, Chickamauga, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Though life is hard, giving up on life is even harder.

Opening the gate on the lost and forgotten. Holding back the fears of what is yet to come. My blank canvas awaiting my arrival, or my violent attacker lurking in the darkness. I feel alive yet guarded. Free yet wounded. I keep walking. Nerves building deep inside. The unwritten story waiting ahead rips me apart thread by thread. I know my own weaknesses but unaware of my own strengths. Lost in the world, not sure what to think. Should I follow the crowd or stand on my own. Duck down on the sidelines or create my own show. Wanting the approval of all, I build up a wall. Protecting myself from anymore pain, scared to continue in this twisted game. Forever dissapearing in the existance, no longer shinig my own light. I lay down my pen leaving the story alone, unwritten.

The author's comments:
I've been feeling kind of lost lately. In more ways the one. Being a teenager really takes a toll on your mind and soul.

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