this could be it this time

November 2, 2011
By Anonymous

i lost it today. thoat toughness i have worked so hard to master.
i have taught myself to be hard, all for fear of getting hurt all over again.
he destroyed everything i had after i had given hI'm everything i had.
now i hide myself away from the world all for fear of it happening again.
i gave hI'm my heart and he told me he loved me... i believed all the lies, all the promises, all of it, and now looking back i feel so stupid and naive.
how could i have let myself fall victI'm to this mess.
i watched my friends and my mother deal with it all the tI'me so why after all the tI'me i put inot making sure that didn't happen to me did i fall for all his crap?
but today i found someone else they have brought down my walls just enough to let themselves in... i think this might be it my ending fate. this could either kill me or destroy me, but i can not find the strength to run from it so i will just let myself fall... if he does not catch me then i guess it wont matter I'm already dead inside anyways, but if he does i believe it could bring back all the life in me... this could really be it this tI'me

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