My Dream

November 2, 2011
By lil_chi SILVER, Maylene, Alabama
lil_chi SILVER, Maylene, Alabama
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And sometimes when you fall you fly....

what i see you say is a dream
what i feel you tell me to kill
when im on my knees praying
its you i feel
you surrond my body
your every living part of me
my heart beats to you
i can feel your rhythem
i call it love
im in way to deep
but still this is a tradgedy
im holding on
trying not to sink
but your leaving
your keys no longer on our sink
you say the love is gone
you moved on
im stuck standing
trying to get what went wrong
i pour my heart out
im down on my knees
you surrond me
with the blood running from my feet
you were the one for me
without you i cant see
i feel no beat
wheres the rhythem
im listening to the song
where is your heart
i know you love me
look tell me the truth
was it me
or is it just you
let me take back the time i didnt hold you when you cried
let me go back
ill show you that your mine
my world forever
i cant think of life without you
let me be selfish
dont you see that i need you
when i said i would die without you by my side
i meant it
now im sippin more wine
the thought of you never slips my mind
im in way to tight
i cant come out
i cant fight this rage
i cant wake up
ill be trapped in your maze
im your puppet with my heart you do play
tell me you dont love me
is the ugly pouring through
you were my magic potion
you kept me wanting you
i cant move on
i cant come back
ill start all over
i just want you back
i cant talk you into another chance
but let me tell you something
close your eyes and think of the time
we got caught in your old room
you were laying close to me
your body right on top of me
you looked me in the eyes
you remember you made a promise
you said forever ill be with you
you dont about this hold you got on me
i belived you that day
and i decided your the only way
my life with you
it was a dream
tonight im waking up from this nightmare
come take a walk with me?

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