I'm Falling

November 2, 2011
I’m falling faster and faster
Each second I pick up speed
Is it a nightmare
Is this real
I can’t tell
I try to grab a wall
There’s no walls
What do I do
I can’t die
I’m to young
Ive got my hole life if front of me
In a blink of the eye I’ll be dead
There’s no stopping
I haven’t told him how I feel now he’ll never know how I feel about him
That he’s the reason I get up in to morning
He’s the reason there a tear drop on my pillow
He’ll never know now

I’m falling
I’m starting to think there’s no end
There’s got to be an end
Everything has end
I can’t take it anymore
I start to cry
I start to cry for my life
My family
My friends

How can I cry for him
He broke my heart
He broke it in to a million little pieces
Shattered all over the floor

I want this to be over with I can’t take it anymore
I’ve got to be getting close
There’s got to be an end

I wake up
He’s not there
There’s a note
He said to go to the kitchen

He’s there
He has a smile on his face
He kisses me
He tells me he loves me

*the night mares over I can breath again*

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