November 2, 2011
By Anonymous

I sit here alone, cold and sad.

What am I doing hear?

Why do I get this so called chance to live when all it is, is living hell?

I am so lost.

I want to stand up and run, never stooping, never looking back to see what a hell

hole I have decided to go away from.

But I cant I am stuck feet glued to the ground.

My heart tacked to this place.

I only have one chance should I take it or stay where I am miserable?

I stand move my foot off of the ground ripping the skin off from where the glue

has been.

Ripping holes in my heart where tack once where.

Taring away, but why just to fall on my face, to trip over my life and to mess up.

I am not sure yet but I will soon find out.

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