How Did You Know?

November 11, 2011
By MelindaM GOLD, San Diego, California
MelindaM GOLD, San Diego, California
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How did you know
that day at the county fair
that I wanted somebody to keep me company.

We were perfect strangers
you and I.
I remember you were in a group with five other friends.
Yet on the ferris wheel you chose to sit next to me.
I questioned your motives
before I even knew your name.
Other guys would have gotten mad.
You on the other hand
answered that I looked lonely
and wanted to put a smile on my face.
Conversation ensued on the ferris wheel
and we hung out for the rest of the day.
If my friends had actually showed up
that day like they were supposed to
I never would have met you.

How did you know
on our first date
that I did not want to go to a fancy restaurant.
I never told you any of my objections.
Surprises I love though
and you most certainly surprised me
in your choice of location for our date.
You took me to the ice cream parlor
where we ordered
a huge chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sundae.
That sundae was absolutely marvelous.
The best part though
was that I was eating it with you.

How did you know
when I didn’t get into Harvard
that I only wanted
somebody to comfort me.
You did more than just comfort me.
I remember you walked
into my house
with the most giant stuffed teddy bear
I have ever seen.
In the meanwhile I wondered and questioned
your motives for doing so.
You answered
that you could only comfort me so long
before you had to get back to your house.
The bear in the meanwhile
would be a reminder of yourself
whenever you could not be there with me.
And all I could do
to respond to your answer
was smile.

Now we are going on two separate paths.
You will be attending university on the east coast
while I will be attending university on the west coast.
Our lives will definitely change
but I hope our relationship
will survive the distance.
And one thing I want you to know
is that I will most certainly miss you.

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