What to Cry For

November 2, 2011
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Miserable in your room.
crying over yet another boy to bite the dust.
Yeah, we know, you "loved" him.
You just don't get it, do you?
Can you honestly believe you feel love at the age of thirteen?
Maybe your heart and genitals got mixed up in the operating room.
Trust when I say I don't believe you think with your heart OR your head.
You in you room upset by a "broken heart".
Give me a break.
Look out of your shaded window.
No, I don't mean only see as far as the gated rich-b*tch community you and I live in, but look beyond your protection.
Find the things worth tears.
Have you seen the girl that's handy with a needle?
She's so handy because she has to make and me and her own clothes.
She makes tape dresses.
She has ten dollars to last her and her mother the week.
She never met her father and neither has any interest in meeting.
Can you see the girl that cries when she gets something wrong?
The truth is she maybe the greatest liar of them all.
Her brother faces server down syndrome and major heath issues.
It's a miracle he's still here.
She was late because she and her mother were busy having her father arrested for domestic violence on both girls.
He's now in "China" on a "business trip".
Do you see the nine and six year old skipping along the street? their father committed a suicide-homicide.
They came home to a note on the front door telling them to call the cops.
Little did they know that the seemingly meaningless "I love you." they recited every morning would be the final time they would hear either of their parent's voices.
You know that girl that always seems so bubbly and happy?
She is suicidal.
You know that girl with the mother that seems to be sent from the heavens?
She beat her daughter over a stuffed animal when she was six.
Cigarette and cigar smoke is her only source of fresh air.
She has promoted her usage of drugs.
Her mood swings will come back and slap you with a tremendous force.
She is constantly mentally and sexually abused by this "angel".
Do you see now?
Boys will come and go but this sh*t's forever.
You finally get to see what's outside of your walls.
Use it to gain strength because I'm done picking you up.

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