Stupid Prince

November 1, 2011
By NextGen GOLD, Hillsboro, Ohio
NextGen GOLD, Hillsboro, Ohio
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You are my prince
And I am your princess

I wish, I wish
I dream, I dream

The prince likes the maid
How stupid are you?

I frown, I frown
I scream, I scream

You are mine, you idiot
You can’t get away
We’re destined for each other
So go fire that woman!

I see the way you look at her
And how she looks at you

Roll my eyes, roll my eyes
Ignore it, ignore it

I take your hand
And smile my best at you

See me? See me?
Look at me! Look at me!

Why can’t you even pretend?
I know she’s pretty
I know she probably is better…
What am I saying!

I am pretty! [don’t you see me]
I am smart! [I'll bet she isn’t]
I am rich! [she has to work a lot]
Look at me? [don’t ignore me]

Assuring me that you still like me
Only ‘like?’ That’s all?

I turn away, I turn away
I sigh, I sigh

The truth is you only wanted me
For the money and the title

I run, I run
I cry, I cry

But you are still mine, you idiot
I will make sure
That you are miserable
For the rest of your life!

I smile, I smile
I laugh, I laugh

The author's comments:
Actually, what inspired me to write this was the song "World is Mine" by Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid singer. Even though Miku isn't a real person ["Vocaloid" is a Japanese computer program] you can really hear the feeling in the song. Hopefully other people out there will find out about Vocaloid and love it.

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on Dec. 6 2011 at 7:40 pm
Sophia.Veritas SILVER, Na, California
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Jane Eyre:

"You examine me, Ms. Eyre. Do you think me handsome?"
"No, sir."

First of all, for Vocaloid. You do realize there's a car commercial featuring Hatsune Miku? So yes. the world's recognized Vocaloid. And my friend (though I am a noob in the ways of anime and she's been studying everything Japanese, including language, since third grade) has dragged me through everything Vocaloid, and I like some of the versions. Unfortunately "Kagome, Kagome" most likely scarred me for life. jk :p

No, Vocaloid's awesome and I pictured Miku randomly singing this song....holding a leek. Lol, I'm basing this on the few youtube vids my friend runs past me every day. So, nice job and (ive gone off topic.)

I liked this poem, it was unique :D

Keep on writing!


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