November 1, 2011
By Austin_Rice BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Austin_Rice BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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-Silent in the night
-If seen he'd be a fright

-The ninjas instincts turn on
-His prey is like a fwan

-With one ninja star
-You wont get that far

-Many weapons to choose
-Which will he use

-Ninja Stars or samurai
-both reflect in his open eye

-The grass sways like an eel
-As silently as he moves through it is unreal

-Slinet,Slow,and no chance to rewind
-are all thoughts that race through his mind

-Which target will he choose
-To kill or abuse

-As the two people approach
-The ninja becomes as impossible to kill as a roach

-The predator strikes
-The ninja stars gleam as they pass through the light

-With two stars in him the target drops
-But the attacks dont stop

-The ninja is pleased
-As no traget could flee

The author's comments:
First piece trying to published

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