My Deity

November 1, 2011
By 7King BRONZE, Lighthouse Point, Florida
7King BRONZE, Lighthouse Point, Florida
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Forgive me for I have sinned,

I have hurt those who have hurt me,

deceived those who have deceived me,

struck those who have struck me,
hated those who have hated me,
plotted against those who have plotted against me,
And in doing so, I have chosen the path of the demons’ malicious master.

Condemn me not from your sight,
for my soul is filled to the brim with burdens
that I have inflicted on myself,
but please correct my judgment
for I have been led astray.


I beg your forgiveness,

to deliver me from my wickedness.

No longer shall I walk hand in hand with our enemy,

for I live to serve you and you only.

I shall neglect my discomfort,

vanquish my fears,

repent my sins,
And once again be one with You.

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