Maleficent's Evil Scheme

November 1, 2011
By TheBeautifulDancer GOLD, Putnam, Connecticut
TheBeautifulDancer GOLD, Putnam, Connecticut
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A cup of restraint,
Was all it took,
After one look,
She had forsook,
A baby girl,
Aurora by name,
Was bound to die,
But not in vain,
Flora and Fauna,
Blessed her with looks,
But Merryweather,
She followed the books,
A kiss from Prince Phillip,
Was all it took,
To awaken Aurora,
After she touched,
The cursed spindle,
Maleficent made,
To very quickly,
End her days,
The three little fairies,
Ended so fast,
Her evil scheme,
Oh well, alas.

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