Caramel Covered Lies

October 19, 2011
By KaylaMarie93 BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
KaylaMarie93 BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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As I stand in the busy shopping plaza,
I gaze blankly through the crystal clear window pane of a candy shop.
A row of caramel covered apples sit tauntingly on a shelf
looking perpetually sweet.
The unwitting baker carefully dips the tart treat into the golden glaze.
He spins the apple as skillfully as an expert liar spins a tale.
The layers of sweet caramel mask the bitter truth in the center.
One layer is never enough to cover the truth that lies beneath.
Each coat makes the once bitter subject sweeter and sweeter.
But no matter how many lies one tells, the truth is there,
lathered in sappy sweetness.
Once dissolved, it leaves behind an everlasting bitterness.

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