I'm Stronger Now Without You

October 11, 2011
We were together on this journey,
But you let go first,
I thought I could fix it,
But that just made everything worse,
You played me well,
And fooled me,
But boy you broke my heart,
Faking who you were,

I believed that you were prince charming,
But I was just fooling myself,
I believed we’d be forever,
But why was that so hard,
A commitment is made between two people,
But you left me standing all alone,
Alone on this journey,
A journey for only two people to go on,

Then tell me why,
Does it hurt so bad,
To be on the other side of these tracks,
When you have no one to love,
No one to hold you in their arms,
Cause your alone on this journey now,

I blame you for these circumstances,
But mostly I blame myself for trying,
Trying to be with someone,
Who didn’t care,
Someone who played me,
Someone who made me feel like I wasn’t worth anything,
Someone who I thought loved me,

I’m walking away,
From the pain that you gave to me,
So that I can be happy,
So that I can smile,
Can’t say I’m sorry now,
Because right now between the two of us I am more happier,
And I don’t regret forgetting you,

This was just another lesson learned.

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