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October 11, 2011
By Hiddenfromself BRONZE, Kentwood, Michigan
Hiddenfromself BRONZE, Kentwood, Michigan
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I am from a mothers comfort zone for her child (a womb)

A dark crowded space could as well be a closet

From an egg i am the yolk, waiting to be formed into a life creation

I am from the chaotic realms of a square dimension of a blue house, considered my home

Yelling, fighting, and all the hurting my house is a funeral home

The roses thorns aren't thick enough to protect me from the pain i feel

The golden- yellowish shine from a sunflower isn't enough to force the frown on my face into a gorgeous smile

A dangerous fog, haunting me putting me down, masks my love

Hate enrages in my soul, nowhere to turn, and nowhere to go

The oceans waves splash with anger, just as my vocal cords produce hatred towards others, pouring out into their minds making them seem worthless, i am a bully

I am from a Venus flytrap, i catch my acquaintances to try and have someone be there for me, and without them i am lost

I am from a carrot forming beneath the dark soiled earth, its roots are strong, but i have yet to be at that point

I am from the millions of peoples heart breaks

Sorrow won't leave me, it follows me like an unwanted shadow of torture and misery

I am from the winds breeze, giving you a chill, I am showing you i am here and i am trying to reach out for help

From Sheila and Scott i am here, i breathe the air and walk the grounds planted for me to live off of

Yet, was being able to breathe and walk and fulfill most peoples dreams worth all the grief and pain i have been through for seventeen years now?

Dealing with depression day in and day out gets tiring

I have to stay focus having my home be a funeral home basically means i have a lot of responsibility and sadness flowing through the veins in my body

My mind is twisted and sick, a disease fills it, never ever going to get fixed, I am haunted by the way i am, the way I've become, and the way i see myself twenty years from now

I am a druggie, and a insane freak, love is beat by the torture and pain filling me till I'm left with a dreadful misery

All i want to do is be free finally be me

I am a clown hiding from the world; the face you see in front of you is a disgrace, i can be more than who i put myself out to be in this life i live

I am from the crimson red flowing from my pale white wrist

Running, hiding, slowly my heart and mind dying, wheres my escape?

I am from the four walls of a mental place

I am the book no one wants to open, and figure out what its about, all i do is get judged by my hard cover

I am a ant in a huge puddle of water drowning, waiting for the moment i sink

I am a safe, locking everything inside waiting for the right someone to come along and crack my secret code

Hurting with grief i lost the only person who meant something to me

I am a torchered soul, roaming this world without a place to call home

I want the sky to show its clear color blue, have the suns rays burst with that beautiful glow and powerful sine, a smile be properly received on my face, my heart filled with an overwhelming happiness

Reasons to thank Sheila and Scott for letting me breathe and walk the grounds i do

A change is what i need, but i need a helping hand to give me a push, let me burst into the light show you i can be one big delight, instead of a depressed girl hiding, and cringing at the world.

The author's comments:
Its about me and what makes me who i am today.

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