Failure to do what should have been

October 11, 2011
By xxbroken13demonxx PLATINUM, Merrill, Wisconsin
xxbroken13demonxx PLATINUM, Merrill, Wisconsin
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Falling into a deep hole
falling onto the cold ground
failing to get the help needed for others
failing to get the right people involved
the gun falls so quickly
the fire silenced in the night
nobody hears her cries
he wont even be at the funeral
he saw what he did to her
he saw the pain and torture in her eyes
he knew what he did
did he know who he was killing?
everyone saw the game
that girl so lost in the world just wanted it to work
so she denied all his flaws and fell into his game of lust
she didn't think of killing herself when they were together
she finally realized at what a player he was
failed to pull the trigger once
succeeded to pull it the second time
now her body will lay in the field
now her life will be as it once was
used and forgotten
never to be remembered again

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