November 2, 2011
By lil_chi SILVER, Maylene, Alabama
lil_chi SILVER, Maylene, Alabama
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And sometimes when you fall you fly....

i dont want to make a promise
i cant hold you next to me
i cant look in your eyes
i dont know when you cry
i cant hold your hand
or hug you when your mad
1000 miles is a lot of feet
everyone of em is worth it to me
i would walk the whole way
if you promise you would wait for me
you used to want to met halfway
am i in your past
no longer a part of the story we were editing
or am i still there in the back of your mind
when he kisses you between the thighs
is it me you feel
am i the reason for you to breath
am i the moan that comes from under your sheets
you know if i lived up the street
that it would be me
sweepin you off your feet
give me a chance
all i do is cry
is this making me more human
im tryin to deal with the pain
im trying to keep from going insane
my mind explodes when i think of you
why cant i be the one in love with you
this pains not fair
its all ive ever feared
im tired of this
i need someone to wipe this tear
no longer will i hold onto you
im not apart of the games you play
i wont follow you into the dark
i wont hold your hand
and ask for you to be my bride
the very best part of me
you took a little
yet im still alive
but i wont stay down forever
ill take the climb
ill do my time
but no longer will i ever call you mine

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