November 2, 2011
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what is the definition of love?
is it looking in someones eyes and knowing that just them, thats enough
or is it when every time they speak your name your heart drops
for me you ask?
the love of my life
how i felt
words simply cant not describe
she came in to the room my eyes were set to her
nothing else matter as long as she was with me
the happiness that she gave me was more than i could ask for
i held the whole world
when she gave me her hand
when she left
i lost the best part of me
the part of me that can look onto anything and see the good
the part of me that had hope
i could be anything
when i was trapped in her arms
we were on a beach
we were at the bar
she stayed close never letting me go
when i was sick
she took care of me as if i were her own
she stayed up trying to keep me from gettin cold
i never told her exactly how that feels
to be loved so much
i was blinded from what i saw
i didnt care what she looked like
she could be old with me
i was happy being in her comapany
i trussted her i could tell her anything
being in love isnt a game
its a promise to your best friend
my best friend loved me
and i loved her
but i was slow and lost my glow
so hold on tight but give way to breath
dont strangle the moment
sometimes you got to let it be
i feel in love
i feel hard
i didnt step into it
i jumped and landed hard
its a messy situation
one i dont want to clean
but if you love then let them go
maybe one day we can be
today seems as if its not meant to be

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