The eyes of green glass

November 7, 2011
By TheForbiddenFlower BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
TheForbiddenFlower BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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ello love

sitting on the shelf.
bright eyes frozen wide.
watching your life. waiting to be cuddled.
its been forever since our last touch.
you used to whisper that you loved me and
constant cuddles provided me with prove that you did.
then you started to leave me more and more on my shelf.
i still sit waiting for the next cuddle or hug. i miss you.
why can't i cry? I'm so cold and empty on the inside.
why can't i move like you? why can't you hear my pleads?
you've grown so big. like a giant.
One day he came in saying he was yours.
you whispered "i love yous"and then you closed the door.
A month or two had passed us by. things in my life had gone so grey.
one day you walked in sobbing and as if you heard my plead you came and picked up me.
you cuddled my for hours playing with my hair. you said you were sorry and put me on the shelf.
you told me i need not worry as i watched your tummy grow. you referred to her when you told me "I'll

be held".
then a year later you whispered in my ear "i promised"
and handed me down to a tinier you but she wasn't the same.
her sparkly eyes held me in pools of green.
the love was mutual between me and the tinier you.
maybe you did in fact love me.

The author's comments:
a lonely doll

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