Life in the Shadows

November 4, 2011
As I walk in the shadows I see all going on around me.
I see happiness and I see cruelty.
Truly looking at the world through the actions of others gives you a new perspective on the life we live day to day.
You receive answers to why this world goes through so much turmoil and agony.
Some people are so thoughtless.
They can walk past a couple in an alley arguing and not think anything of it, but when I walk past I see someone in distress, trying to call out for help.
To care is an art only a few choose to see clearly and to understand.
In order to love, to help, and to feel you have to know how to care.
While the world fades to black we choose to continue focusing on our own lives instead of assisting in the lives of others,
pushing aside what could be done to save one another.
To stand in the absence of light is taking the path of selfishness.
You should ask yourself,
Why not exit the shadows and stand in the Sun and take the path unwritten and write not only your destiny but be an assistant in the lives of many.
You can choose to live the life of the simple minded,
or branch out and live the life of the few who truly care.
To live in a world full of people who care would be living a life of utopia.
The path you choose should not only be a choice for yourself it should be a life choice that benefits all. Changing ourselves changes the world.
Caring creates happiness and with happiness we can have peace
and with peace no-one will ever have to experience life
in the shadows!

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