River Secrets

November 4, 2011
By naynaylr7 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
naynaylr7 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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"There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased that line and replaced it with a trout."
~Anonymous (:

When a riptide comes and washes away
All of the secrets we hold at bay
They become river secrets- all alive and free
till wandering towards the dawning sea,
they swirl and twist and merge and fill
that longing for some kind of thrill

It’s always hard to understand
why the world continues to make demands
and once we find the strength to see
all that we can someday be

we can make amends-
but none can truly do as he pretends.

There are layers and layers holding us in
and no one really knows where to begin
to reveal these secrets, to really come clean,
to finally understand what everything means

We all have our secrets, some shallow, some deep,
that cause us lonesome nights with little sleep.
Don’t hide your nature, your feelings, your fears,
because if you want someone to tell, we’re all ears.

There are some secrets that are much too precious to give
To any soul any day as long as you live.
And there are many that are much too precious to keep-
They make your head spin, make your heart leap.
Sometimes you just have to share that joy-
that miraculous feeling from a splendid ploy.

As we search and shed light on these things we don’t speak
And think of all those times we’ve wanted to let them leak
From our lips into a friendly ear,
That really does love, that really can hear

How hard it is for us to let it flow
Like a river- and how it grows and grows

Lovely and spirited, wild and free
Eternally swept away to the sea
Under currents running smooth and deep
Where we finally can rest in a peaceful sleep.

The author's comments:
This is a peice of feeling.

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