Unconditional Love

November 4, 2011

Her heart beats like butterfly wings
On a beautiful spring morning.
Every time she sees his face,
She falls in love all over again.
He grabs her and holds her tightly.
She embraces his strength as he holds her close.

As she looks into his amber eyes,
She sees his heart and soul.
Witnesses the future they hold together,
And what a great husband and father he will be.

She feels the fluttering in her stomach
Going off like fireworks.
As he tells her goodbye,
She feels empty like a vacant ocean.

As he walks out the door
With all his luggage,
She takes a deep breath in and out;
Feeling unsure and down.

Feeling her uncertainty,
He turns around;
He looks at her and makes sure she’s content.

She looks at him
And nods her head.
Assuring him
That she will be just fine.

He proceeds to walk away,
And, as she closes the door,
She prays to God he will be okay
Hoping he will return home one day.

Every night she prays to the Lord,
To make sure he’s safe.
And even though
He’s a thousand miles away,
She can still feel her heart beating pushing him out of harms way.
And with that,
She knows he’s safe and alive
And that they are still yin and yang.

She knows that no matter the distance,
Their love is strong and standing.

She lays in bed all alone
For many countless nights,
She can feel his warmth lying next to her.

She looks out at the stars,
And knows he’s looking at them to.
She then reminisces
About the times when they’d look at Venus together.
She finds hope and faith
That he will return home soon.

When she becomes depressed,
She thinks about his return,
And their future.
And that’s what keeps her going,
Every minute
Of every day.

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