November 6, 2011
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Encircled by darkness,
my ears perk to the faint whispers of the night forest.
My tear-brimmed eyes pierce through the lightless area.
The stars my only guide during black moon,
I set out padding over the soft earth on the journey that lay ahed.

Cursed, they had called me. My own family driving me out;
Snarling, biting, not caring if I died.
The nightmare of the memory occurred often.

Resilient I refuse to give in to my enemies.
Strong, willful, brave, and hopeful I continue my quest
To find someone who will accept me, love me.
Racing like a breeze over the land, I move with the speed of the lightening that blasts through the sky.

An outcast, never to return home,
I weep with the sky,
My tears
Never to dry.

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