Melancholy Coffee

November 6, 2011
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I grab my keys and head out the door.
A Drive into nothingness with my favorite song will do so much more than Silence
defining feeling. Remember to grip the wheel and go Nowhere.
When was my last cup of coffee?
tell me! tell me more about the hero and coward
you spent trailing into Somewhere. Long and far from me.
When was my last cup of coffee?

Just so you know, I don't miss you well.
A Dive into selfishness is all I can afford and feels like he** but Da**
you left me behind. Remember how I stayed in vain for Chances.
Was it worth it not to hurt me?
show me! show me more before the writing from this hand
bleeds ink trailing into Ashes. Not that you mislead.
Was it worth it not to hurt me?

You leave so you win. And you miss me too
but you don't remember my face or my name.
And why would you? You've never had to stay or watch as it's all stripped away.
Just as I've never left. And never had an option
to forget Anyone. Though I wish I could.

I don't blame you. Never will. But give me a reason
to be removed, and have Someone up all night,
and missing Me.

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