What Our "Smiles" Mean

November 6, 2011
Everywhere you look
Everywhere you are
Everywhere someone’s smiling

To think their happy is just being naïve
Nowadays all everyone does is put up a facade
Guarding there heart with walls so strong
Thinking no one, not a soul could break them down

How innocent it all seems
Behind these “closed doors” ,
All we do is wait for someone to open them
We put up our walls, waiting
Waiting for someone, anyone to break it down

As much as we complain, cry, harden our hearts and block out the world
We still do…all of us
We all want nothing more then to have someone
To understand, care, love and maybe even just notice us
No matter who it is

Its all the same in the end
Were all the same in the end

We make excuses about everyone, about everything
Just to make some kind of twisted sense
Yet it makes it worse
And somehow…somehow we fail to see it
So as we smile we wait, patiently

Everywhere someone’s smiling

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