Life Through Lies

November 6, 2011
By Lifethroughlies BRONZE, Goodyear, Arizona
Lifethroughlies BRONZE, Goodyear, Arizona
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We live in secure noise because quiet screams the truth
We must be wise in our age, but vibrant in our youth,
Thoughtful in our speech, wise in our affairs,
Loving in our touch and careful in our repairs
We must be beautiful in body and kind at our soul
And everything we must be begins to take a toll
It hurts to not be perfect though that none can boast
We feel empty at worst insignificant at most
Living in a society where perfection lends fulfillment
We live in adversity and we must be resilient
For you are beautiful and unique allow me to remind
It seems upon a mirror suddenly you're blind
But I see what you can not hear what you won't say
My words fall on deaf ears but maybe its better that way
To speak to those select who refuse to be content
Who have committed no sin and those who will not repent
For taking of the mask behind which we hide
Those who know the rules and still will not abide
I speak to those who need another chance
Who know they can't but try they will to occupy the expanse
The void we have all left by submitting to the many
By standing for the none and listening to the any
The people who try to sway us away from rightful ground
Who would not face their problems, be it better to go around
But I renounce the way we live come back out from your disguise
Life lived in full is not life lived through lies

The author's comments:
You are all beautiful, I am entranced by the beauty I see around me everyday, and stunned by the complete neglect for that which makes us so. Live not through the facade society so carelessly forces us to don, live the life you truly wish to lead.

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