Her Loss

November 6, 2011
Tears roll down her cheek's as they say there last goodbye.
He feels it's right for him, she falls without happiness.
She hangs up, his words cutting her heart over and over.

Days go by and she still cries in the dead of night for him.
Her heart aches and bleeds silently as she pretends to live.
Guys talk and only one has her caught and he doesn't care.

She can't rest, she can't think, she can't even breath.
She awakes every night to find out again he's not hers.
Everything she dose is in thought of the one who can't lover her.

She walks alone without a word her mind blank to stop the pain.
She numbs her self to stop every feeling she can not take.
her life is wrong without him, he was the real thing for her.

She gives a fake smile but it hurts more, but she has no choice.
Everyone says move on, just deal, or you'll be ok soon.
No one knows the tears he cause the heartache that still follows her.

She prays he'll want her back, someday he'll hold her again.
He'll feel that she means something more, something special.
To have his feelings return the ones she feels she will always have.

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