November 1, 2011
By Anonymous

I see you on the balcony
Playing your violin
All alone, surrounded by flowers
The tune you play
Reminds me of spring
Happiness and flowers
Do you see me staring?
I want to meet you soon
I see you always
But you probably don’t see me
You just continue making me wish

One day on your balcony
You do not play your violin
You lean on the railing
Looking so sad
I watch you for a long time
And then, to my surprise,
You look over at me

I want to be with you
To make you feel better
You never play your violin anymore
So you continue making me sad

I wait till you are inside
Then I go to your balcony
I hear you coming
And hide behind your roses
‘I know you’re there’
You take my hand and pull me to you
Rose thorns scratch me
But I don’t care

I’ve wanted to be with you
And now here I am
I feel so nervous
But you look at me happily

‘Will you play for me?’
I’ve never seen a smile from you
This is so beautiful
And you begin your melody

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