Monster with a Smile

November 2, 2011
I never thought I'd turn out to be a monster
I never thought I would hate myself
You never thought I'm this kinda girl
But that's the thing you see only what I want you to see
I make you believe what I want you to believe
You don't see me
Only few have seen who I really can be
My other side
But the thing is I hate that side
I hate who I am
I hate who I become
I'm not the sister I want to be
Even though I'm not there with my brothers I still have to set an example
I still have to be at my best
But what happened to me
I can't figure that out
I disgust myself
Ashamed some would say
But that doesn't even come close to being right
Its much worse than that
I'm a reflection of my parents
Nothing more than a monster with a smile

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