Clash at Thermopylae

November 2, 2011
By WilltheThrill BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
WilltheThrill BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
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We have trained our whole life,
To protect our city, children and wife.
Now the time has come to fight,
The Persian army comes into sight.
Gates open vast, warriors rush out fast
Charging into battle, shields clash.
Arrows dispelled from the walls to the field, so many men killed
But yet we still strive,
Fighting to stay alive.
Enemies swing and slice,
Soon they will pay the price,
Need some advice?
Run while you can,
And devise a better battle plan.
Out of breath and greatly wounded we are,
Still fighting with many battle scars.
We finally push the first wave of Persians back,
Then off the cliff into harsh waves with one final smack.

A new battle shows fresh enemies,
But no army can stop the Spartan’s chemistry.
Out comes a Persian beast,
Filled with rage until it’s released.
Let out from its chains,
King Leonidas doesn’t complain.
With a light toss of a spear,
The beast’s eye is hit clear.
The rest of the battle is not hard,
We soon finish off every wave two Persian guard.

The final battle is soon to be underway,
We promise to make the Persian army pay.
The Persian general viscously shouts for us to lay down our weapons,
But we respond with an arrow that kills him and the war starts in seconds.
Spartan Law states no retreat and no surrender,
And although Persian army has been a good contender,
The 300 spartans are the ultimate defenders.
More swords collide,
And many warriors die.
Not many Spartans left,
Man were those warriors deft.
One by one the mighty spartans die,
Persian King asks any last words? and our king replies,
“I have failed my wife, brothers, and city.”
The Persian responds “What a pity.”
Our leader King Leonidas Drops to his knees,
Then hundreds of arrows are fired with ease.
And although the 300 Spartans did not come out on top,
They helped the Greeks put the Persian army to a stop.

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