forgotten how to stay

November 2, 2011
By rosei GOLD, Billings, Missouri
rosei GOLD, Billings, Missouri
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i am who i am, i am who i want to be, nobody is going to change me cuz i am who i am to be, thats just one of them! (:

so out of place, i cant even blink or smile. i said what i meant but you never listen. I'm so over his crazy fair because there is another one right around the corner calling my name. but everything i miss in this world is because of you... but whatever it was, always led me back to you. even if i sail the ocean, the currents would push back me your way. if i were on a bus tour, your city would be next. but if i were to die, you would me heading that way. I'm nothing but a sould that cries and dreams. you say all these things about other people, but you never seem to let go. you wont move even if i did. you would wait till i came back, that's what makes me who i am. so crazy, emotional, happy... and so in love with you. for waiting, even if i let go. i know you would stay.

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