November 2, 2011
By Weetzie_Elli GOLD, Sterling Heights, Michigan
Weetzie_Elli GOLD, Sterling Heights, Michigan
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At night, I tried to forget the feel of His skin on mine.
Feather light or so hard
You could feel bone.
In the morning, I longed for His touch,
Both ways.
Between Black velvet night and a
Milk orange morning sky
I feigned sleep.
Laid on that beaten couch, His arms around me,
He whispered secrets,
Like running silk across my closed eyelids.
Each word felt like flower petals falling on my
Sore, tired skin; pinched muscles, anxious nerves.
Touching Him,
I could feel it all.
With our ankles linked,
He simply seeped in. The feel of his strong thighs
Behind me; tangled limbs,
Like he was a cage-- sent to me to keep monsters at bay.
I pinched my eyelids shut, and rolled around in His arms.
I tried to be convincing;
Tried to stay awake for this.
As He said every word,
Loudly; clearly,
That I had always wished He would.

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