Probably Not

November 2, 2011
 Sometimes, I feel alone.
In an overpopulated world. 

Other times, I feel crowded. 
In an empty room. 

I feel alone when it's just me, but I like being by myself sometimes. 
I feel crowded most of the time, but sometimes I like being near so many people, and so much chaos, because it helps me get away. 

Then there's the times where just me all by myself is a crushing feeling. I feel smothered and I need to have someone there. 
When I'm completely isolated.

Most people's biggest fear in life is the fear of being detached from everyone else in the world. Then some people like it when there's no one else there to interrupt their thoughts. 
I get confused when there's so many different ways to feel. 
I could feel crowded or alone. 
I could feel wanted and accepted. 
Or lonely. 
I can't understand the feelings. 
Maybe it depends on my mood. 
Maybe not. 
Maybe someone else feels that way. 
Maybe not. 
Maybe I'm the only one. 
Probably not. 

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